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Whilst Vela Tango chairs are designed to promote movement, a key part of their popularity with health care professionals and parents is their exceptional stability and safety credentials.

Base and low centre of gravity:

The foundation to the stability of the chair is the highly engineered base, which keeps the centre of gravity of the chair low and therefore stable for the user.


Hand brake:

With an extended brake handle using the hand brake is incredibly easy for most children and adults and there is the flexibility to move the handle to either side of the body and adapt the handle to meet the needs of nearly all users. As a standard, the brake is applied to the back 2 wheels but we can supply a 4 wheel brake for extra stability on more slippery surfaces.

Hip Belt:

Whilst the chair is most helpful for children with some degree of trunk control, there are times when hip belts are required. The hip belts have been designed so they can be positioned in the optimal place to help reduce sacral sitting and promote a more upright posture.


There are different armrest options that can be height and width adjustable. For younger children, who are likely to try and play with the arm supports, we can also fix them in position making them safe for the busiest of fingers!


Vela Tango chair wheels are much larger than standard ones and have a rubberised coating which is great for increasing friction and stability in wet rooms and other areas that can be more slippery.

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