Ordering During Coronavirus Find Discounted Vela Chairs
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Ordering during coronavirus

Ordering Online

We are currently able to supply all of our vela tango chairs during the outbreak of COVID-19. We’re making some important changes to how we operate to ensure maximum safety to everyone. If you order online your chair will be preassembled, sanitised and sent in a sealed box to your address.

Chair Assessments & Funding Consultations

We are able to complete our normal face to face seating assessments during the current outbreak of Covid 19.

However, during this period we can also run pre-assessments over the phone. This enables you and a Chartered Physiotherapist to discuss all the vela seating options and then make a recommended shortlist of chairs to try. 

We are also using the telephone appointments as an opportunity to identify potential funding channels that you might be able to apply to in order to get support with your purchase. By starting the funding search now we can save a lot of time later on.



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