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Book a Vela Chair Lunch & Learn Session

We often get asked to come and provide updates and hands on Vela chair training for clinicians. In response to this we have developed the Vela Chair Lunch and Learn CPD sessions.

The Training:

In a time when everyone is incredibly busy, we have worked extremely hard to make Vela chair training as useful and accessible as possible. Our lunch and learn sessions are designed by clinicians for clinicians and take you through a practical demonstration of the chairs, case studies of who they work best for, and some of the key clinical reasoning factors that are often considered when prescribing the chairs.

How to book:

To book your lunch and learn session please either call 0203 051 0157  or email info@ergoability.co.uk  or complete the contact form.

Bespoke training:

We can adapt our training to the needs of your team and so if you have a specific training request or want to fit us in with a specific training day please just contact us.

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