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We know that good posture plays a key role in making children and adults comfortable and active and Vela have worked for many years to ensure that Tango Vela chairs are able to facilitate good posture for a range of users with different postural needs.

Seat Tilt:

The seat has a lever based seat tilt that when activated will gently tilt the seat pan forwards and allow the pelvis to rotate anteriorly. This position is often used not only to reduce sacral sitting, but is also very helpful in supporting sit stand transfers when used in conjunction with the electric lift of the Vela Tango 100 chair and the Vela Tango 200 chair.


Memory foam:

The seat pan has in built memory foam that is designed to conform to the users weight and facilitate anterior tilting of the pelvis. The foam is modifiable and commonly we supply the chair with thigh contouring to help improve hip alignment and we can also integrate a soft pommel to help promote a more neutral thigh position during sitting.

Hip belt:

The highly adjustable hip belt can be used to support good positioning during the day.

Backrest position:

The relationship between the backrest and the seat pan angle can directly influence trunk tone . Having two points of adjustment on the backrest we are able to facilitate a comfortable upright sitting position, whilst also helping to manage changes in trunk and lower limb tone.

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