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Mobility & Independence

We understand that a key part of any child's or adult’s life is learning to do things for themselves, on their terms, and so every aspect of the Vela Tango chair design has been focused on promoting independence and mobility.


We want children and adults to be able to operate their own brakes in their own way and so the chairs have been developed with highly accessible and adjustable hand levers. As a standard the brakes are operated with a long lever that is accessible for most individuals. For users with less movement in their upper limbs or shorter limbs, it is possible to extend the brake lever, add an easy to use T-Bar or even add an electric brake that can be operated with the press of a button.

Working at different heights:

Because most environments have work surfaces at different heights, it can be difficult to independently access the world if you are positioned at a single sitting level. Vela Tango chairs have become well known for their electric lift function which enables you to raise the chair between a wide range of surfaces with the press of a button.

Assisted Standing:

For children or adults who want to stand but have limited power in their legs, the chairs offer an assisted lift function which when combined with the lever based seat tilt can help facilitate standing up and also make sitting down a lot easier and safer.


Many of our users also have wheelchairs and so a key function of the chairs is the height adjustable arms, which can simply be lowered to seat pan level to enable safe slide transfers.


Moving the chair:

Built with an extremely wide range of height functionality the chairs can be lowered down so that children and adultd can get their feet on the floor. Some people will then use their legs to gently move the chair small distances. The chair also has large rubberised wheels to facilitate easy movement and moving over thresholds a lot easier. Sometimes it will not be possible for the user to move the chair themselves and for these situations we also have a removable strolling bar that is ergonomically designed to facilitate safe, easy movement.

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