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A Chair that Grows

As children and adults grow and change shape their seating requirements also change. Because specialist chairs are so expensive, Vela wanted a way of offering a chair that would literally be able to change size and shape with the user which led to the development of the Vela Tango 100 and Vela Tango 200 chairs.

Small Changes in size

The first way we build in growth is by ensuring that we use a backrest and seat pan that are fully adjustable with some space for growth over time. The ingenious double pivot backrest can move back using a lever which will open up more seat pan as the thighs get longer. The footrest can also be lowered to support the feet as the lower legs get longer, whilst the armrests can be made width and height adjustable. The backrest is also height adjustable so that it can be repositioned as required.

Large changes in size

All the Vela Tango chairs have exactly the same base and so as a user grows you simply change the backrest and or seat pan. Ultimately, this means that adapting the chair can be done for a fraction of the price of changing the whole chair.

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