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Our Vela Tango chairs are modular and can be fully adapted to each person’s needs. We have listed a range of the adaptations that are available under four categories below. If you require adaptation that is not shown below please contact us.



Left/right side fitting levers:

You can choose to have the control levers on either side on most chairs.

T-Bar brake system:

As the name suggests, the T-Bar is an extension that sits on top of the brake lever to make the handle more accessible.

Hand brake extension bar:

The extension lever extends the height of the hand brake for individuals who have more limited reaching.

Strolling bracket:

The ergonomically designed strolling bracket provides a safe manual handling handle for the chair.


Table tray:

Vela table trays are foldable and made from a strong acrylic to provide a supportive, compact usable surface that can be folded out of the way when not in use.


The footbrake:

The footbrake is a simple to use plantar pressure operated system that can be used as an alternative to a handbrake.


The electric brake:

The electric brake is a push button operated, highly engineered braking system that enables users who have more limited foot and hand movement to have more control over their braking system.

4 Wheel brake system:

Some tiled and wooden floors can be slightly slippery for chairs and for these environments we can use a 4 wheel extra stable braking system.

Support & Posture

Lateral supports for the trunk:

Using a highly engineered smart positioning system, lateral trunk supports can be strategically placed in a wide range of positions to provide extra support or guidance for the user. The supports can also be adjusted in depth and width to truly personalise the level of support given.


Soft Pommel:

The soft pommel seat helps maintain correct pelvic position and can be adjusted in conjunction with the seat pan to optimise the leg position.


Armrests with gutter support

The gutter armrest provides all the benefits of a standard armrest with the facility to provide an extra layer of forearm support for those who need it.


Backrest with lumbar support

If a user needs extra lumbar support, it can be useful to get a backrest with an inflatable lumbar support that can be pressurised to exactly the right support level during the day.


Seat belt

Our standard seat belt has a 4 point mounting mechanism designed to ergonomically support the thighs and hips and reduce sacral sitting.



Analternative to a footrest is the footring. The footring does not offer the same level of support as a footrest but is more compact and discreet.



The footrest is our most popular foot support for children and adults. They offer a large stable surface for feet, when sitting at a higher level, and can be folded out of the way when not being used.


Leg Rest

The leg rest works as a foot support and is ideal for children when you don’t want to use a footplate or footring. Similar to the leg rests used on a wheelchair, they can be swung out of the way when not being used. It is also possible to get the leg rest with a calf support if required.



The head rest can be used to offer an extra layer of support for the head and neck during sitting. The support has a 3 point pivot for extra positional flexibility and offers a soft but supportive padding.


Trunk Harness

The trunk harness can provide extra trunk support if required.


Ankle Huggers

The ankle huggers can be used to provide extra support around the ankles to help improve ankle and foot alignment.


Thigh guides

Thigh guides offer an extra lateral support that can be positioned at different parts of the upper leg to help maintain optimal lower limb alignment.


Abduction block

An abduction block provides medial thigh support for correct alignment of the femur.


Covers for seat pans and backrests:

The conti's are highly durable, removeable cleanable covers for spillages and accidents.


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