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Vela Tango 300EL Chair (Heavy Duty Teenager & Adult Electric Chair)

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The Vela Tango 300 EL electric chair combines all the key features of the iconic Tango-200 electric lift chair with brakes, but is designed especially for heavier users who weigh up to 200kg.

The chair is most commonly used at home, in the office, or in a rehabilitation setting. At home the chair works well as a kitchen activity chair, in the bedroom as a desk chair, and in the lounge as a dining chair. In the office it can be used to work at nearly every working level.


Activity: The chair is designed to promote independence and activity. The electric height adjustment for the seat enables users who have limited muscle strength to access nearly all desks and tables with the press of the button. In addition, when used in conjunction with a brake, the desk can provide a stable base for assisted standing and sitting and slide transfers.

Look and space: Every part of the Vela Tango 300 E has been designed to save space. The end result is a chair with an incredibly small footprint. The chair has also been designed to look like an office chair so that it does not stand out in the office.

Flexibility: When required, it is possible to modify the chair with a wide range of adaptions in order to personalise its functionality to the needs of the user. The most common adaptations that we use include:

  • 4-wheel braking systems
  • Strolling bars
  • Thigh guides
  • Trunk supports
  • Electric brakes


Who has the VELA Tango 300E been designed for? This chair can accommodate users up to 200kg who need additional support to access working areas either at home or in the office.

What is the weight limit on the Vela Tango 300? 200KG

How much does the chair weigh? 32 kg


Vela Tango 300 Specification

Height Adjustment (Sitting Height)



Seat Dimensions

58 x 48cm

Backrest Dimensions


Armrest Pad Size

7 x 35cm

Armrest Height




58 x 58 cm



Maximum Load



Speak to an Expert

When you call Ergoability, you will be able to speak to a Chartered Physiotherapist who specialises in assistive seating. If you want to know more about our medical credentials, please visit the about us page. To speak to a Physiotherapist right now, please call us on 0203 051 0157. If you are not ready to speak to someone, but want some questions answered please email info@ergoability.co.uk.


User Manuals

User Manual
Tango 300

Product Sheet

Product Sheet Tango 300

Vela Tango 300ES

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