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Vela Tango 200 Chair (Manual Teenager & Adult Chair)

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The Tango 200 Chair is an incredibly strong, simple to use high low activity chair. The chair is most commonly used in workplaces, colleges and schools for teenagers and adults who need to work at different height desks and need a stable posture chair. Within the home setting, the chair is popular both as a kitchen and dining room chair and also a gaming and desk chair. The extra low height range means the chair can easily fit beneath most dining tables and task tables and also enables users, with a moderate level of lower limb strength, to use their legs to move the chair over small distances.

Key Features

Safety: As well as a super sturdy low centre of gravity base, the Vela Tango 200 manual chair has a highly engineered braking system so that the chair can be locked in position and offer a secure safe base for sitting, standing and transfers. The armrests can be lowered for stable transfers and the large rubberized wheels with motion control bearings make crossing thresholds simple and secure.

Activity: The chair has been designed with ergonomically positioned handles and levers that are easily adjustable for the user. Furthermore, we can adapt the position of the levers to ensure they can be used by individuals who may have more difficulty accessing levers in a standard position.

Look and space: We know that many people want to blend into the crowd. To help with this, Vela have spent many years simplifying the chair's design so that despite its extra functionality it looks very much like a normal chair. The chairs have a relatively small base which can have a big impact on its manoeuvrability within smaller environments like bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and small classrooms.

Flexibility: The standard chair is deliberately totally stripped down and modular so that it can then be personalised to the user’s needs. The most common adaptations that are requested include, lateral trunk supports, thigh supports, 4 wheel brake options, strolling bars, electric brakes etc.

Frequently asked questions

Does the chair work well in the bedroom? Yes, the large castors mean the chair can move well in a bedroom environment. The small base also means the overall footprint of the chair is small and therefore much more user friendly for small constrained spaces.

Does the chair work well in the bathroom? The Vela Tango 200 Manual chair has several features which make it easy to use in the bathroom including:

  • Drop down armrests for easy side transfers
  • Forward seat tilting to help with stand transfers
  • Large rubberized wheels for extra stability when standing and sitting
  • Small compact base for easy operation in a constrained environment

What happens during a Vela chair assessment? During an assessment a qualified physiotherapist will visit you with all the Vela Tango options to help assess the suitability of the chair for the user. This involves demonstrating all the features of the chairs, trying it in different scenarios, introducing different accessories etc. Whilst the chairs are very thorough we also make them fun and engaging for the user.

Can you get incontinence covers? Yes, we supply seat and backrest incontinence covers.

Can you provide training on the chairs? Yes, we have developed several short training sessions where we can provide the latest information on all of the Vela range. Our most popular sessions are the lunch and learn Vela Tango chair sessions that last 60 minutes. These can be held at your workplace and we bring the lunch. We can also run bespoke training if you want to look at particular type of case study and go through any features of the chair in more detail. Our training is run by Chartered Physiotherapists who specialise in advanced seating for children and adults and are free.

What are the footrest options? The most popular footrest is the footplate. The foldable footplate offers a very stable foot surface that will move with the chair. This means every user will still have the security and support of a footrest no matter what height they position the chair.

Can you get the hand controls on both sides of the chair? Yes, we can get the control levers and brake positioned on either side of the chair.

Can you get a chair with a split seat? Yes, we can supply a Vela Tango 200 chair with split seat. Split seats can be very helpful for users who have different leg lengths or have any sort of amputation of changes in pelvic shape. Because our split chairs are more specialised please contact us for more information.

Can the chair help with sit to stand? The 200s is the manual version of the chair and so it cannot be used to assist to raise the user up during standing. For an electric lift version of the chair please click on Vela Tango 200 ES chair (electric).

Will the chair move easily? Yes, the chairs are designed to move easily. The back wheels are oversized to facilitate smooth movement, whilst all the wheels have internal movement facilitation bearings which help control the position of the wheels during forwards movement. For thicker carpets we can also supply large front wheels.

Can you step on the footplate to get on the chair? The footplates are very strong but for health and safety reasons we recommend that you do not stand on the footplates when getting on or off the chair. Simply use your feet to fold the footplate and lower your chair so your feet are firmly on the floor.

Do the armrests drop down? Yes, we can supply armrests which lower right down out of the way. This position is ideal for wheel chair and other types of transfers.

How heavy is the chair? 23kg

What is the weight limit on the chair? The weight limit on the chair is 160 kg.

Is it possible to get the chair in the car? Yes, the chair will fit in the boot of most cars. Because of the weight of the chair we recommend moving it with 2 people. It is also useful to remove the backrest and armrests before moving it.

Is it easy to get spare parts for the chair? Whilst the chairs have been paired back as much as possible, any chair with moving parts will need some level of servicing in the longer term. Vela have worked hard to make servicing as easy as possible and we can support you with the replacement of any parts.

Do the seat pans have any contouring? Yes, the seat pan has contouring to help with the positioning of the lower limbs.


Height Adjustment (Sitting Height)

100mm Actuator Gas Stem





150mm Gas Stem





200mm Gas Stem




Seat Dimensions (Y)

47 x 49cm

Seat Depth Adjustment:


Seat Angle:

-6/+3 Degrees

Backrest Dimensions (Y)

43 X 45cm

Backrest Angle

-20/+6 degrees

Armrest Pad Size

9 x 30cm

Armrest Height



Distance between Armrests


Footrest Length





Maximum Load



Our Vela Tango chairs are modular and can be fully adapted to each users needs. We have listed a range of the adaptations that are available under four categories below. If you require an adaptation that is not shown below please contact us.


Left/right side fitting levers:
You can choose to have the lever based control levers on either side of the chair depending on the users needs.

T-Bar brake system: As the name suggests the T-Bar is an extension that sits on top of the brake lever to make the handle more accessible.

Hand brake extension bar: The extension lever is add on feature that extends the height of the hand brake for people who have more limited reaching.

Strolling bracket: the ergonomically designed strolling bracket provides a safe manual handling handle for the chair that can be used by the user or the support worker to move the chair around.

Table tray: Vela table trays are foldable and made from a strong acrylic to provide a supportive, and compact surface that can be folded out of the way when not in use.


The Footbrake:
The footbrake is a simple to use plantar pressure operated system that can be used as an alternative to a handbrake.

The Electric brake: The electric brake is a push button operated, highly engineered braking system that enables people who have more limited foot and hand control to have more control over their braking system.

4 Wheel brake system: Some tiled and wooden floors can be slightly slippery for chairs and for these environments we can use a 4 wheel extra stable braking system.

Support & Posture

Lateral supports for the trunk:
Using a highly engineered smart positioning system, lateral trunk supports can be strategically placed in a wide range of positions to provide extra support or guidance for the user. The supports can also be adjusted in depth and width to truly personalise the level of support given.

Soft Pommel: The soft pommel can be used in conjunction with the seat pan to help optimise hip and leg position.

Armrests with gutter support:
the gutter armrest provides all the benefits of a standard armrest with the facility to provide an extra layer of forearm support for those who need it.

Backrest with lumbar support:
If a user needs extra lumbar support, it can be useful to get a backrest with a inflatable lumbar support that can be pressurised to exactly the right support level during the day.

Seat belt:
Our standard seat belt has a 4 point mounting mechanism designed to ergonomically support the thighs and hips and reduce sacral sitting.

An alternative to a footrest is the footring. The footring does not offer the same level of support as a foot rest, but is more compact and discreet.

The footrest is our most popular foot support for users. It offers a large stable surface for feet when sitting at a higher level and can be folded out of the way when not being used.

Leg Rest:
The leg rest works as a foot support and is ideal for users when you don’t want to use a footplate or footring. Similar to the leg rests used on a wheelchair, they can be swung out of the way when not being used. It is also possible to get the leg rest with a calf support if required.

The head rest can be used to offer an extra layer of support for the head and neck during sitting. The support has a 3 point pivot for extra positional flexibility and offers a soft but supportive padding.

Trunk Harness:
The trunk support can provide extra trunk support if required.

Ankle Huggers:
The ankle huggers can be used to provide extra support around the ankles to help improve ankle and foot alignment.

Thigh guides:
Thigh guides offer an extra lateral support that can be positioned at different parts of the upper leg to help maintain optimal lower limb alignment.

Abduction block:
An abduction block provides medial thigh support for correct alignment of the femur.


Covers for seat pans and backrests:
These covers are fluid resistant and washable.

Speak to an Expert

Ergoability is owned and run by Chartered Physiotherapists and Clinical Scientists. We have a combination of expertise in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, posture and ergonomics. We also have an in depth knowledge of Vela Tango Chairs and other Vela-Chairs. To learn more about our background and medical credentials please read about us.

We have never had and still don’t employ salesmen, so you can be assured that you will only ever speak to a Vela chair expert with a wealth of experience in assistive chair prescription. To speak to a physiotherapist right now please contact us or call us on 0203 051 0157 or email info@ergoability.co.uk

Get a Vela Chair Assessment

We use a Vela Chair Assessment as a way of evaluating how a Vela Tango Chair can help a child and determining the size and specification of the chair required. The Vela Tango Chair Assessment Service is free and is completed by a Chartered Physiotherapist with specialist Vela chair training and expertise in Paediatric seating.

Our team is mobile and so can bring the chairs to the location that is most convenient to you  and the child. Many clinicians will request that we either visit the child`s home, school or even the children’s development centre to ensure that the chair will work in the environment where it will be used the most. Equally, if you prefer to come to us we have several clinics in London, South London and Kent where a Physiotherapist can take you through all the options. For more information on our clinic locations please click on Find Us.

To book your Vela assessment please either contact us, email us or call us

Vela Tango 200S

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