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Vela Tango 100 Chair (Manual Teenager & Adult Chair)

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The VELA Tango 100 manual chair for adults is our entrance level manual specialist office chair with low backrest and a brake. With its hand brake and low weighted base, the chair is highly stable for adults who need extra stability when getting in and out of the chair. The low backrest provides excellent low back support whilst the super comfy foam seat makes this the idea multifunctional chair for the office, kitchen, dining room and bedroom.

The easy move castor system makes moving the chair from a seated position really easy on harder floors. This means that instead of constantly having to transfer out of the chair you can sometimes use the chair to change position and move to another room.

Every part of the Vela Tango 100 has been crafted so that you can do more things independently. For example, some users just need a little extra help when sitting down or standing up and the brake will mean that they can do this transfer independently. Other users will perch on the chair so they can work in the kitchen cooking, washing preparing food etc. When they want to move, they will simply take the brake off, reposition the chair and set the brake again. Because the brake has so much adjustability, we find that 95% of users can use them independently.

For more information on how the Vela Tango 100 manual chair could change your life please call 0203 051 0157 or email info@ergoability.co.uk

Speak to an Expert

Ergoability is owned and run by Chartered Physiotherapists and Clinical Scientists. We have a combination of expertise in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, posture and ergonomics. We also have an in depth knowledge of Vela Tango Chairs and other Vela-Chairs. To learn more about our background and medical credentials please read about us.

We have never had and still don’t employ salesmen, so you can be assured that you will only ever speak to a Vela chair expert with a wealth of experience in assistive chair prescription. To speak to a physiotherapist right now please contact us or call us on 0203 051 0157 or email info@ergoability.co.uk

Get a Vela Chair Assessment

We use a Vela Chair Assessment as a way of evaluating how a Vela Tango Chair can help a child and determining the size and specification of the chair required. The Vela Tango Chair Assessment Service is free and is completed by a Chartered Physiotherapist with specialist Vela chair training and expertise in Paediatric seating.

Our team is mobile and so can bring the chairs to the location that is most convenient to you  and the child. Many clinicians will request that we either visit the child`s home, school or even the children’s development centre to ensure that the chair will work in the environment where it will be used the most. Equally, if you prefer to come to us we have several clinics in London, South London and Kent where a Physiotherapist can take you through all the options. For more information on our clinic locations please click on Find Us.

To book your Vela assessment please either contact us, email us or call us

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